I started drawing "Tank'd" oh, sometime in the middle of January, 2004. To tell you the truth, it had originally started out as a way to pass the time during lunch times at school. Then a friend of mine introduced me to the web comic "Errant Story" and "Exploitation Now". So I setup a web site on Keenspace (No shit?! Really?!)
I think my style of drawing tends to come from anime, but most people think its a mix. Probably because I mainly use the expressions commonly seen in anime and draw my characters differently.
"Tank'd" was originally going to be a strip based comic, but I changed that so I could have more "artistic" freedom with the panels and crap like that. However, I'll probably switch back and forth depending on what I'm trying to do (Or how lazy I am...)..I chose these character's because I hadn't tried something like this before. I mainly wanted to see if I could draw the female figure. I added in Harry as comic relief and a way for me to vent my sick and twisted side...

I draw "Tank'd" on 9x12, "100% recycled" paper (which explains the slight yellowish tint to my uploaded drawings) I use various HB to 2H pencils, 0.7 mm and 0.5 mm lead mechanical pencils, a ruler and a triangular T-square, and various large erasers to draw the comic. I outline the comic with mutliple 0.5 mm black pens and two thick felt tip pens. I use this crappy, old, Epson scanner that creaks and makes grinding noises when I use it to get everything digitized. Then I optimize everything with Photoshop 5.5 and upload it.

If you have any questions about my garbled mass of text above please email me here.

Tank'd is hosted on Keenspace, a free webhosting and site automation service for webcomics.

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Tank'd and all related work is 2004- to Ben Maish